Wedding Weather in Colorado


Wedding Weather Colorado

Beautiful, soft Rocky Mountain Skies and Misty Wedding Weather.

 Photo Credit: Trystan Photography Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Edgewood Inn  – Wedding Weather in Colorado

What if the weather isn’t perfect on my wedding day?

Imagine your wedding day. The sky is blue. The weather is perfect. The birds are singing.  But the reality is that weather is sometimes a bit wild in the Rockies. Here’s how to plan for wedding weather Colorado.

While most weddings at Edgewood take place on perfect weather days, occasionally we have severe weather roll across the peak and into our backyard.  On the up side, sometimes this adds excitement, drama, and even rainbows!

Amy and Dan’s Wedding Day in September 2013  (pictured above) arrived when the State of Colorado had been experiencing record flooding, heavy rain, and emergency weather conditions. Fortunately by Saturday, their ceremony took place without a hitch.  It was beautiful and special, despite a few clouds and a couple of raindrops.

When planning a wedding outside in Colorado, it’s wise to have a back up plan.

Wedding Weather in Colorado

Covered Wedding Pavilion

Our lower deck is a study covered pavilion with an open air feel.

Weddings at The Edgewood Inn allow for open air shelter in pleasant weather, but can provide cozy shelter from the elements if necessary. We do our best to alleviate your concern about this by offering outdoor and indoor options.

Under our expansive upper deck is a intimate indoor/outdoor space for ceremonies and receptions. Couples often wed on our lower deck with Pikes Peak serving as an dramatic backdrop. This pavilion has heavy rustic wooden doors along the sides that can be left open or may be quickly closed.

After the ceremony, the guests may proceed upstairs to our outdoor open-air deck or our large indoor great room for cocktail hour. During this time our enclosed lower deck can be transformed into the reception area.

Our indoor hickory dance floor and saloon style bar has lots of room for buffet serving and additional seating if necessary.

If you are planning an autumn wedding that will last into the evening, outdoor heating is advised. Please ask us regarding arrangements for portable patio heaters to keep your guests comfortable.

Relax, we have you covered!

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful at times. At The Edgewood Inn we want you to know we are prepared for unpredictable weather.  It is possible to have your cake and eat it too!

So go ahead and plan the outdoor wedding of your dreams, knowing that we offer beautiful sheltering options for wedding weather Colorado just in case.