Edgewood – A Pikes Peak Bed and Breakfast Inn

Pikes Peak Bed Breakfast

Breakfast on the upper deck at The Edgewood Inn.

We are blessed with radiant views of the north slopes of Pikes Peak.  We built The Edgewood Inn to bring the outside indoors.  See mountain and forest views through every window. Edgewood Inn captivates guests year round with a medley of color. We are a true Pikes Peak Bed and Breakfast Inn serving the Colorado Springs area.

The Edgewood Inn – A Pikes Peak Bed and Breakfast

With a view of Pikes Peak from every south facing room and window, you can watch dramatic weather move across the Peak almost every day.  Most guests find our views relaxing and exciting at the same time.  Breakfast is served outside on our upper deck most every day during the summer and early fall months.  Autumn brings a dramatic view of golden aspens sprinkled among the evergreen trees.

We are a secluded, private Pikes Peak Bed and Breakfast Inn and wedding event venue.  Hiking in the Pike National Forest is just steps outside our front door.  At The Edgewood Inn, we bring the outside indoors with huge great room windows.

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Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain

Many of our out of town guests take a day-trip up to the top of Pikes Peak – often referred to as America’s Mountain.  You can drive to the top in your own car on a safe, scenic highway or take the Cog Railway up to the summit of the Peak.  The weather changes at the top frequently – often several times per day.  At our Pikes Peak Bed and Breakfast,  it is possible to relax in our Inn and observe a pink mountain at sunrise, clouds by mid-morning, sunshine all afternoon, and snow in the evening – sometimes all of this in one day!