Fairy Tale Wedding

August 8, 2014 Friends and Family came together for the wedding, they couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location. Edgewood Inn is fabulous and the scenery is breathtaking. Thank you for being a part of the fairy tale.

Beautiful Memories

July 27, 2014 Our daughter Sandra’s wedding turned out so beautiful at your Inn.  Thank you so much for everything. We will have wonderful memories.

Lovely Refuge

June 22, 2014 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this lovely, beautiful refuge. I twas the most wonderful venue for our daughter’s wedding.  We were comfortable and well fed. You do a beautiful job. Bless you in making people happy and relaxed.

First Class Accomodations

Sept 28, 2013 It was a great wedding venue for my brother.  What a view from the room too.  First Class Accommodations!

Best Hosts Ever!

Sept 21, 2013 Kathy and Dean are the best hosts ever! They were so helpful in the wedding activities because of their can-do attitude and experience with large gathering. The facility is magnificent in both appearance and function.  If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask the hosts.

Amazing Wedding Experience

Sept 13, 2013 The most AMAZING experience for a wedding site! It’s as if James, Kathy, and Dean could anticipate our needs before we even knew them. Having traveled from Ohio it was hard to make sue the plans were fine-tuned but no matter what we needed, they found a way to meet our needs! […]

Daughter’s Wedding

Sept 12, 2013 Thank you for providing such a beautiful site for my daughter’s wedding. The weather was awful, but the food, hospitality, and friendship were awesome! I really felt like a special guest in your home. Maybe next time we will get to see Pike’s Peak.

aka – the flower girl

July 21, 2013 Food was wonderful along with service.  It was the best and most beautiful place for a wedding. My father and now step-mom enjoyed it very much.  Thanks!